• Confer with client regarding budget, architectural preferences, purpose, and function and determine relevant factors affecting interior design planning.
  • Advise client on space planning, layout, color coordination, and other elements directly related to interior design.
  • Create and design 3­D renderings for visual presentation of buildings.
  • Research building codes, space requirements, and other technical documents and building regulations.
  • Design and draw layouts and building plans using structural, electrical and mechanical designs.
  • Draw rough and detailed scale plans using data such as preliminary concepts and sketches.
  • Collect and utilize appropriate data to complete architectural designs.
  • Supervise, coordinate, and inspect the work of vendors, draftspersons, and other related workpeople on construction projects.
  • Review drawings and construction plans and determine procedures and instructions to adhere to the design specifications and amount needed per material.
  • Coordinate with other professionals such as contractors and engineers and represent the architect at the construction site under the architect's supervision.
  • Assist architect in conferences.
  • Conduct site surveys for measuring existing conditions of a space or building.
  • Research for various products and finishes for modern interior design trends and cost effective alternatives
  • Responsible for the supervision of one employee on projects.


Experience Requirement(s)

  • Master + two years of related experience as interior designer or interior architect.
  • Must have at least two years of experience in the job offered or related fields.
  • Must have two years of experience in the following:
  • Direct experience with CAD equipment and software such as Autodesk AutoCAD software, Google SketchUp, and Revit to produce construction documents.
  • Direct experience in efficient project planning through client communication to determine factors that will affect the project such as the project budget, the client's architectural preferences, and the project purpose and function.
  • Direct experience with administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as managing files and records to create effective and reliable records for projects.
  • Direct experience with coordinating equipment research, specification sheets, CAD files, and reviewing shop drawings and detail drawings with project consultants for construction.
  • Direct experience selecting or designing, as well as purchasing, lighting fixtures, materials, paint and wall coverings, furnishings, art works, and accessories.
  • Direct experience with the materials, methods, services, and tools involved in construction documentation and administration such as attending site meetings to observe construction progress and assisting consultants with relevant construction administration duties.
  • Direct experience in design and space planning based on architectural elements, function, layout, use of furnishings, equipment, and color coordination in the production of drawings, models, and rendering.
  • Direct experience in designing project environments to be practical, aesthetic, and constructive for intended purposes of the project such as raising business productivity or consumer appeal for the success of the business.
  • Direct experience in coordinating with other professionals such as contractors, architects, engineers, and plumbers to ensure job success.

Travel Requirement(s)

  • Must be able to travel to job site for any out­-of-­town projects.
  • Must be able to travel to job site for site surveys, client meetings, and construction observation.