Cupertino Planning Commission

D-Scheme Studio was recognized by The Mercury News in an article covering the December meeting of the Cupertino Planning Commission for it's work on the upcoming Alexander's Steakhouse and Stein's Beer Garden projects.

We’re very happy that the concept that we had 12 years ago [for Alexander’s] has flourished to what it is, and I feel that at this point in the design we wanted to now elevate it even more. ... What we want to do is keep the vibrancy that we thought was successful in the original. It was always about a process of eating but also ... the experience that you have.
— Marc Dimalanta, project architect for Alexander's Steakhouse
[Steins Beer Garden] is the California interpretation of the German beer garden. The concept for this restaurant is absolutely to bring that same energy that they created in Mountain View.
— Marc Dimalanta, project architect for Steins Beer Garden

Members of the Cupertino Planning Commission expressed positive feedback and excitement about the new projects.

I think everybody’s in agreement and is excited about this project, and obviously a lot of care in the architecture and the layout has been taken, so I think it definitely is a great addition.
— Alan Takahashi, Cupertino City Planning Commissioner

Cupertino Planning Commission - Meeting Video